The ORMN Platform 

Friend and Supporter, 

The 2021-2022 election cycle is already shaping up to the most consequential election cycle in Minnesota history. In addition to voting for all 5 Executive Offices (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Auditor), Minnesotans will also be voting for their Minnesota State Representative and Senator. Minneapolis will vote for mayor and city councilors. St. Paul will have a mayoral election as well, as will Duluth. 

In the past, Our Revolution Minnesota (ORMN) has endorsed in all of these races. While candidates that submit our questionnaire come to find out what our stances are on many issues, many in the general public are unaware of where we stand on many Minnesota-specific issues. This platform is intended to clear many of those confusions and to clarify many of our positions when it comes to state specific issues. 

I sincerely hope that Our Revolution Minnesota’s positions will soon become much clearer after reviewing this document. Please reach out with any comments, questions, or concerns that you have about anything contained in this document. The Board of Directors can be reached at [email protected]

Thanks for reading, and I hope to meet and work with you very soon! 

In Solidarity,

Brian Swancutt 

Chair, Our Revolution Minnesota 

About Our Revolution Minnesota

Our Revolution Minnesota began with a set of principles to build a working-class organization of democratic socialists that will advance the political revolution in Minnesota and in the United States.

The Board of Our Revolution MN has taken responsibility for shaping the development and direction of our organization and driving the organizing process to build it.

We began Our Revolution MN with a bottom-up, grassroots organizing process because we believe in cultivating the popular democracy we seek to realize in the government of our state. This organizing process of many meetings across the state have led to the development of local chapters and an annual convention. 

Our membership is united in its pursuit of progress towards: 

  • democratic socialism
  • ending American imperialism
  • enacting full single-payer health care coverage for everyone
  • eliminating the pernicious and undemocratic effects of big money in politics
  • passing into law a Green New Deal

We do this while standing in solidarity with our unionized brothers and sisters.

Our Revolution MN aims to be at the vanguard in the struggle for working class empowerment. We will continue to build agreement among our members, old and new, through the organizing process, and to be responsive to feedback from our members across the state. Along the way, where we find a critical mass of members, activists, and leaders in any given area, we will launch additional chapters to strengthen the backbone of our independent, statewide political organization.

Our Revolution MN continues to carry forward in the work of building the political revolution in Minnesota by building our community with an orientation towards direct action. Check out our organizational principles for the framework of how we see Our Revolution MN developing as our organization to build the political revolution here.

Join an independent Our Revolution chapter meeting in Minnesota. Help shape and build Our Revolution MN! 

Our Mission 

For the 2020-2022 election cycle, Our Revolution Minnesota (ORMN) is focusing on educating and encouraging people to lobby their elected representatives on the four following key issues for the state of Minnesota:

  1. Ending the Never-Ending Wars: The American people are sick and tired of fighting multiple wars with no conclusive end in sight. Trillions of dollars have been spent and hundreds of thousands of people have died as a result of these wars. We need to stand up and demand that these imperial wars be ended, our troops be brought home, and that the military industrial complex and our government be held accountable for the damage they have done to not just people here at home, but to people overseas as well. 
  2. Medicare for All: Healthcare is a fundamental human right, not a privilege. Every other modernized country has free healthcare for its citizens. As the richest nation in the history of this planet, the United States has no excuse for not having free healthcare for its citizens. 
  3. Green New Deal: Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time. Our Revolution Minnesota will promote the Green New Deal that also includes mitigation and adaptation. We will encourage our members to lobby their local, state, and national elected officials to demand that they take drastic and immediate steps to combat climate change. We will also fight for an equal and justice climate transition. For decades, people of color have been subjected to higher levels of chemical, industrial, and recreational pollution than white people have been. Native American tribes in Minnesota face unique threats to their most sacred crop – wild rice. Historically disadvantaged people need to be included in conversations about climate, and Our Revolution Minnesota is going to make sure that happens. 
  4. Getting big money out of politics: this is an issue that affects every other issue that we’re pushing. Big money in politics corrupts the political process, and because of this money, corporations have a larger and more influential voice than the common person. This is fundamentally opposed to what the Founding Fathers had in mind. We need to stand up and say that money is not speech. 

Our Vision

The Board of Our Revolution Minnesota envisions a future where everyone in the United States has an even playing field: everyone has a fair wage, housing, healthcare, education, and a strong safety net to fall back on when times get tough. We can start that here in Minnesota, and through that, be an example to every other state in the country that the progressive vision for our country is a viable option, and that things can get better for the common person, no matter how many times you’re told that everything is fine as it is. ORMN wants to empower the people of Minnesota to have the tools and the platform to fight back against the injustices we face in this country, and ORMN will fight to make sure that everyone has a seat at the table, not just a select few. 

Ending the Never-Ending Wars

  • Principle: Peace is a human right. Our Revolution Minnesota firmly believes that ALL people have the right to autonomy and freedom from imperial aggressions. 
  • The Situation: At the national level, our elected officials have long ignored the calls for peaceful coexistence with all nations. Our elected officials are beholden to the U.S. military industrial complex, a self-perpetuating war machine. 

What We Stand For 

  • ORMN believes Minnesota can stand firm to oppose increased funding for foreign aggressions of our U.S. military
  • ORMN stands against American imperialism
  • ORMN calls on President Biden to relinquish the natural oil resources the Trump Administration stole from the people of Syria
  • ORMN opposes the continued use of CIA “Black Sites” in other countries to torture political prisoners.
  • ORMN is in favor of an immediate end to the presence of US troops and mercenaries in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Pakistan.
  • ORMN opposes the continued asymmetrical bombing campaigns against state department declared terrorists across Latin America, Africa, the Middle-East, and East Asia.
  • ORMN opposes the presidential kill-lists. We have no right to extra-judicially assassinate anyone, even foreigners.
  • ORMN opposes the no-fly list. It is discriminatory. People are put on the list for merely being accused of crimes as opposed to having committed crimes.
  • ORMN opposes the persecution of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, as their primary crime was exposing the crimes of the American government.
  • ORMN considers Edward Snowden an American hero who should be awarded official whistleblower status.
  • ORMN recognizes that Julian Assange is an Australian citizen who can’t be charged for violating US laws while not in the United States. We have no jurisdiction to prosecute him under any domestic or international law.


  • Principle: Healthcare is a human right. Our Revolution Minnesota firmly believes that ALL people deserve to have healthcare that is nationally funded, nationally run, and is free to whoever is in need of it. 
  • The Situation: At the state and national level, our elected officials have long ignored the calls for a complete overhaul of our healthcare system. Our elected officials are beholden to their corporate donors in the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Minnesota, however, can take this into its own hands. The Minnesota state legislator could easily pass a state-based version of Medicare For All so that all Minnesota citizens could have free health coverage. 

What We Stand For 

  • ORMN opposes all current and future attempted healthcare reforms that are not intended to lead to a Minnesota Healthcare Plan. At the time of this writing, this includes: 
  • Our Revolution Minnesota unequivocally supports the Minnesota Healthcare Plan as proposed by ORMN endorsed candidate Senator John Marty 
  • Additionally, ORMN supports the proposed Primary Care Case Management (PCCM) bill as a step towards the Minnesota Healthcare Plan 
  • ORMN calls for more comprehensive state and federal loan forgiveness for doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare professionals who choose to serve rural communities 
  • ORMN demands the closure of all gaps in the state and federal Medicare and Medicaid programs 
  • ORMN calls on the Minnesota state legislator to provide adequate funding to rural hospitals so as to prevent further closures 

Partners in Our Work 

The Green New Deal

  • Principle:  Climate change is real. We are living through a climate catastrophe. Our Revolution MN firmly stands against the influence of Big Oil, the Koch brothers, and single-issue partisan groups who oppose progress in reducing emissions throughout the world, including the passage of the Green New Deal. 
  • Principle: Addressing climate change is the only way we will be able to make progress on every other issue we care about. 
  • The Situation: While many in the government and corporations fiddle and oppose change, the earth continues to warm at an alarming rate. We must act by empowering congress to pass the Green New Deal.

What We Stand For 

  • ORMN is vehemently opposed to the creation of Line 3 in Northern Minnesota and stands firmly with the Minnesota Native American population and their allies in their non-violent efforts to stop the construction of this dangerous pipeline 
  • ORMN also stands firmly opposed to copper-sulfide mining in the state of Minnesota and urges the DNR and Minnesota courts to stop this project immediately 
  • ORMN resolves to support all efforts to reduce carbon emissions.
  • ORMN will address climate change in Minnesota and on the national stage, resolving to pass the Green New Deal.
  • ORMN only endorses candidates that are climate advocates.
  • ORMN urgently calls on the United States federal government to overhaul our immigration laws. There has long been a crisis on the border and with how the United States treats our immigrant and refugee population, and these issues are going to be further exacerbated by the inevitable gargantuan wave of climate refugees we are going to see over the next 50 years. 
  • ORMN stands firmly opposed to fracking and fossil fuel subsidies 
  • ORMN believes that oil companies should be held financially liable for the damage that they have done and will continue to do to our planet 

Getting Big Money Out of Politics 

  • Principle:  Elections in the United States are not representative. Large amounts of money are spent by individuals, groups, and PACs to try to influence the outcome of races. Our Revolution MN firmly stands against the influence of Big Money coming from wealthy individuals, single-issue partisan groups, the Koch brothers, Corporations, and PACs. 
  • Principle: Getting money out of politics is the only way we will be able to make progress on every other issue we as progressives care about. 
  • The Situation: The ruling in the Supreme Court case Citizens United v. FEC has ensured that unlimited amounts of dark money can be poured into our elections through PACs, SuperPACS, 527 organizations, and others. This has allowed the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, the gun lobby, and others to hold our elected officials hostage to their specific interests. 

What We Stand For 

  • ORMN resolves to support publicly or government funded non-partisan campaign funding for all United States primaries and general elections.
  • ORMN fully supports the call of an Article V Constitutional Convention for the specific purpose of creating a constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United 
    • ORMN will work to ensure that Minnesota passes a resolution calling for an Article V Constitutional Convention for the specific purpose of creating a constitutional amendment that will overturn Citizens United 
  • ORMN resolves to only support candidates who do not take money from PACs, SuperPACS, 527 Groups, or other sources of dark money 
    • We urge the United States Senate to pass S.1., the Senate version of the For the People Act, to empower the FEC to take action regarding dark money in politics 
  • We oppose the use of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to leverage fiscal ruin around the globe into financial gain for American oligarchs.

Partners in Our Work 

Criminal Justice Reform 

  • ORMN strongly believes in the legalization of recreational marijuana for everyone 21 years and older and that marijuana legalization must be tied to expunging the criminal records of non-violent offenders 
  • ORMN calls on all levels of government, especially the United States federal government, to immediately end the war on drugs and to release all non-violent drug offenders as is possible 
    • ORMN strongly urges governments to provide proper financial, occupational, and social supports for all prisoners upon release, especially those who have been wrongly incarcerated 
  • ORMN stands firmly against the use of private contractors to house prisoners and demands that state and federal governments immediately terminate contacts with private prison companies 
  • ORMN is opposed to the privatization of probation and parole 

Police Reform

  • ORMN recognizes that police reform is an incredibly complicated and heated topic in our current political discourse. Many ideas have been and are currently being explored, including reallocation of police funds to other emergency services such as social workers and drug counselors, the reintroduction of community policing, more stringent civilian oversight, and the abolition of the police as we know it. 
  • ORMN acknowledges that much of our board and membership identify as white, and that privilege insulates us from many of the inequalities BIPOC communities in the United States experience. In light of this fact, it’s particularly important to us to elevate and amplify the voices of members of BIPOC communities on this issue.
  • ORMN vows to work with the most affected communities to better understand how they imagine a reformed police force and integrate this knowledge into this living document at a future time 
  • ORMN acknowledges that in the meantime, there are concrete measures that legislators can take. These measures include rolling back the use of no-knock warrants, ending police chokeholds, further training in de-escalation techniques, and weeding out white supremacists from our police forces. 

Board of Directors

Contact the Board at [email protected]

Board of Directors

Brian Swancutt, Chair, CD 1 (contact)
Karla Sand, Vice Chair, CD 4
Josh Melgaard, Treasurer, CD 7 (contact)
Lily Keire, Secretary, CD 5 (contact)

Emily Larson, CD 7
Rod Halvorson, CD 4 (contact)
Kevin Chavis, CD 5
Ryan Rantanen, CD 6
Roger Kittelson, CD 2
Ukasha Dakane, CD 5
Colin Lee, CD 2