by Colin Lee

ResistBot is the best new tech tool for civic engagement.

It’s so simple: Text the word “resist” to 50409 (without quotes.) A very well-written software program will text you back. In the span of only four to six one-line SMS messages, you will have sent a fax to each of your U.S. Senators and your Congressperson. It will send you an MMS image of each fax and will let you know when they all have been sent.

The tool is constantly being improved. In the most recent version, they even added an option to let you automatically send your fax as a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. It will only become more useful over time.

The best part– it’s all free. And it works.

ResistBot was created by a team of volunteers including Eric Ries, a high-profile celebrity in the technology world famous for launching the “lean startup” movement. These volunteers aimed to launch a tool which lets anyone, liberal or conservative, easily send messages to oppose the Trump administration and his agenda. By sending personalized faxes instead of form e-mail, this tool has a much better chance to impact the votes of our representatives.

They built ResistBot using Twilio is a company that maintains a platform for computer programs to send and receive text messages, multimedia messages, phone calls, and videoconferences. is the company’s charity mission that lets 501c(3) or selected social justice corporations send up to $500 in free or 25% reduced cost messages using their platform.

If you like ResistBot, they accept donations at

You can have ResistBot remind you to send new faxes to Washington every day or as often as you feel like.

Let’s send a fax every day and keep Our Revolution strong!