Our Revolution MN began with a set of principles to build an organization that will advance the political revolution. At our founding convening in spring 2017, we will adopt an organizational structure and governing rules.

The founding convening will follow an organizing process engaging the people who are building Our Revolution MN. We believe that bottom-up, grassroots involvement of the political revolution will contribute to the development of the kind of organization we need. Through the organizing process, the people who are joining Our Revolution MN as members, activists and leaders will contribute their ideas through the form of popular democracy we seek to cultivate in this organization.

At our regional meetings, we will put forward our organizational principles and some initial thinking about how to structure and govern Our Revolution MN as a membership-based independent political organization. Attendees will then provide input and feedback in general as well as on particular key questions. From many regional meetings, we are confident we can rely upon the collective insights of the people of the political revolution to develop our organization.

Join us at one of our regional meetings across the state to add to the discussion shaping Our Revolution MN.