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Our Revolution Minnesota Endorsement Process

Our Revolution MN has a comprehensive process to determine endorsements. Filling out a candidate questionnaire is a requirement for statewide and federal offices. While contact information is not easy to find, we are making a good faith effort to reach out to all candidates in any party (including independents) running for Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Auditor, US Senate, and US House. The State House candidates process will have a second step (at a later time), but we will email as many declared candidates as we can (candidates should register with the state Campaign Finance Board as soon as possible).

The Candidate Questionnaire contains 17 questions and comment space. There is a pre-determined scoring process (0-100). Not every answer carries the same weight. Some answers have a positive value ranging from 1-10 points, others a negative value, and some answers are not scored at all (like the question on who the candidates endorsed in 2016). All questionnaires will be made public so our voting members can make informed decisions on who to endorse.

For statewide and federal offices, we will hold a ranked choice vote of our membership in early January. Candidates who fail to fill out and submit a questionnaire by Dec. 15th will not be on the ballot, but please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected] if there are unplanned delays in meeting our deadline.


Our Revolution MN questionnaires have a base questionnaire that is used for every office.

Next Meeting

The Endorsements Committee meets every two weeks. Check out the events page for details.  If you are interested in pursuing an Our Revolution MN endorsement please email us at [email protected].