Please join Our Revolution Minnesota at our Annual Meeting. This event is virtual and is open to the public. Featured are live speakers and videos of speakers, breakout rooms, and election of new board members. If you are interested in running for the board, see below.

Note: If you registered with the link posted in the Calendar on January 2nd through January 4th, please register again for the correct meeting ID provided below. 


Registration Link – Click Here (this is the corrected link)

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Interested in joining the ORMN board of directors?

  • Please email [email protected] to get the information you need to become a candidate for the board.

ORMN is actively seeking new board members! Currently, we have requirements regarding gender and Congressional District. Below is a list of open board positions. These positions are two-year terms that are set to expire at the annual meeting to be held in approximately 2 years.

  • CD1 (non-male)
  • CD2 (non-female)
  • CD3 (non-male)
  • CD4 (non-female)
  • CD5 (non-male)
  • CD6 (non-female)
  • CD7 (non-male)
  • CD8 (non-female)

Additionally, we have seats that are currently vacant on our board. These positions have either not seen anyone elected to them, or they have been vacated by someone who has previously served on the board. These positions will serve the remainder of the current term – approximately 1 year from the 2021 Annual Membership Meeting. These open positions are as follows:

  • CD2 (non-male)
  • CD4 (non-male)
  • CD6 (non-male)
  • CD8 (non-male)

Interested in voting for candidates for the board?

  • If you are not already a member of ORMN, please first click here to sign up for ORMN membership.
  • After signing up, become a contributing member no later than January 15th here at ActBlue in order to satisfy the minimum annual contribution level of $27 ($15 for students, seniors, veterans, or disabled) to be eligible to vote on January 16th.
  • If you were already a contributing member of ORMN or volunteered four times or more in 2020, great! You are eligible to vote on January 16, 2021. Thank you for supporting Our Revolution Minnesota!


  • Senator John Marty 
    • Healthcare Reform
  • St. Paul City Council member Nelsie Yang 
    • Police Reform
  • MN Nurses Association Executive Director Rose Roach
    • Healthcare Coalition Building
  • Minnesota Health Care for All Board of Directors Vice Chair Anne Jones
    • Report on Healthcare for All
  • Our Revolution MN Bemidji Board of Directors Chair Joey Peltier
    • Line 3
    • Running for Local Office
    • Chapter News
  • Wolf Pac representative Gabriel Vattendahl Vidal
    • Big-Money-Out-of-Politics
  • 2021-2022 Candidates for the ORMN Board of Directors
    • Live speeches or video presentations
  • The current members of the ORMN Board of Directors
    • Re-election Speeches:
      • Lily Keire, Secretary
      • Rod Halvorson
      • Ryan Rantanen
      • Emily Larson
    • Coalition Building
    • Focus on Progressive Issues
    • Chapter News
  • And more…