Our Revolution Minnesota (ORMN) is proud to announce our endorsement of Jeff Erdmann for the U.S. House of Representatives in MN Congressional District 2. Minnesota CD2 is situated south of the Minnesota River, covering the south Twin Cities metro area and containing all of Scott, Dakota, Goodhue, and Wabasha counties. It also includes part of northern and eastern Rice County, and southern Washington County.

Our Revolution MN is an independent progressive organization inspired by the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign in 2016.

Our Revolution MN is committed to working toward a just, equitable, sustainable democratic society that recognizes the value of all citizens. We support common sense progressive issues, challenging the political establishment through grassroots activism, and supporting credible candidates that share our values and vision.

Jeff Erdmann is the type of candidate who exemplifies the values and vision of Our Revolution MN. He has demonstrated through his work as a teacher, a coach, and a candidate for public office that he is a champion of, and for, the working-class citizens of CD2. From his unwavering support of single payer healthcare and a clean energy economy, to his opposition to the construction of new fossil fuel pipelines, to his support for an Equal Rights Amendment, campaign finance reform, and the National Popular Vote Compact, Jeff is a credible candidate that can win in CD2 and take the progressive fight to Washington.

Background on the Endorsement Process

As an organization still in its infancy, Our Revolution MN continues to develop and refine its endorsement methods and procedures to provide the most inclusive and broad-based participation of our members in its processes. In the Congressional District races, a questionnaire was produced and offered to all registered candidates in each district race. Those that responded were scored based on their answers and then a statewide level vote was taken amongst anyone registering for membership within Our Revolution MN. In districts where a local affiliate was established, ORMN offered those affiliates the opportunity to weigh in on the final decision.

Our Revolution Dakota County, the CD2 affiliate, elected to not endorse locally and referred the final decision back to Our Revolution Minnesota.

At the February 24, 2018 board meeting of ORMN a discussion and vote was taken on the matter. Noting that Jeff scored 94.5 on the questionnaire, nearly 12 points better than the next highest score in the district, and only six votes separated the two responding district candidates, neither reaching the 60% threshold set for automatic endorsement, a motion was made to endorse Jeff Erdmann for the 2018 U. S. Congressional race in MN CD2. By unanimous vote of those present, the Board approved that motion.

Interested parties can learn more about the Our Revolution MN endorsement process, the candidate questionnaire, their answers, and the Our Revolution MN scorecard, as well as the final vote totals in the statewide vote by visiting ourrevolutionmn.com.