Our Revolution Minnesota (ORMN) would like to announce and congratulate Rebecca Otto, Tina Liebling, and Erin Murphy on our co-endorsement of their campaigns for Governor.

ORMN invited all candidates for Governor, Attorney General, Auditor, and eight congressional races, regardless of party affiliation, to answer a questionnaire available on our website. ORMN shared this information and candidate scorecards from the responding candidates with our Statewide Membership who then voted online for their preferences on January 6th from 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM (24 hours) using the principles of Ranked-Choice Voting.

The Board of Directors of ORMN met in Duluth on Saturday, January 13th, and co-endorsed Rebecca Otto, Tina Liebling, and Erin Murphy. The race was very close after 6 rounds of re-allocation and eliminations (34.3% Otto, 33.7% Liebling, 32.1% Murphy). These three candidates collectively received over 65% of the vote in the first round of Ranked-Choice Voting. The majority of the Board of Directors and the majority of the Our Revolution Minnesota Membership voted for these three candidates.

After much consideration, a majority of The Board of Directors supported this motion for Our Revolution Minnesota Endorsement for Governor:

“Whereas, Our Revolution Minnesota sent a questionnaire to all candidates for Governor and the membership has voted their preference, and

Whereas, the membership was evenly divided between several candidates, and

Whereas, Minnesota has had 40 males serve as Governor, and
Whereas, three women candidates for Governor have shown through their careers and Our Revolution Minnesota survey to be progressive candidates,

Be it resolved, that Our Revolution Minnesota endorses Tina Liebling, Erin Murphy, and Rebecca Otto for Governor of Minnesota and urge our membership with DFL leanings to caucus for one of our endorsed candidates and work in cooperation with all three of the endorsed campaigns to assure that the state DFL convention ends with the endorsement of one of these three women.”

With this motion and this press release, Our Revolution Minnesota recognizes that there are three co-endorsed candidates for Governor.

Furthermore, Our Revolution Minnesota has endorsed Ryan Winkler for Attorney General, Jon Tollefson for State Auditor, Rich Wright for Congressional District 1, Dean Phillips for Congressional District 3, and Ian Todd for Congressional District 6. ORMN made no endorsement in Congressional Districts 2 and 8 in order for local chapters in those congressional districts to consider local issues.

Please visit our endorsements page for more information on the voting results.

We encourage you to attend your February 6, 2018 local precinct caucus. Precinct caucus locations will be posted soon at http://www.sos.state.mn.us/elections-voting/how-elections-work/precinct-caucuses/

–The Executive Committee of the Our Revolution Minnesota Board of Directors

Our Revolution Minnesota is a 501(c)(4) Organization.

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