Dear Our Revolution Minnesota Members and Supporters, 

We hope you are doing well during this difficult and unprecedented time. We have been working very hard on putting something together to share with you all about where we are with all of this, and we hope to have all of your support going forward with our new COVID-19 platform. During this time, we will be pressing local, state, and federal officials to move forward and have them take action on the issues we will be outlining below. 

    • Healthcare– As this crisis continues, it has become more and more obvious that healthcare should be a guaranteed human right. Our Revolution Minnesota will continue to push at the state and federal level for a single-payer healthcare system. 
      • In the immediate future, ORMN will ensure to push that all COVID-19 testing, treatment, vaccinations, and follow-up care (such as kidney dialysis) should be completely free. 
      • Additionally, at the state level, we want to push for John Marty’s Minnesota Health Plan (S.F. 1125), which would guarantee healthcare for all people who live in Minnesota. We hope to partner with other progressive organizations in the state of Minnesota to achieve this goal
      • Our Revolution Minnesota will push for flexible laws surrounding telehealth to ensure that all people have access to care, especially those who live in rural areas away from large hospitals and in this time of crisis. 
    • Internet as a public utility– During this time of telehealth, online school, and online workplaces, it has become abundantly clear that the internet is just as vital a utility as water and sewage. Money should not be the determining factor as to whether you can attend school or ensure you get paid for work. ORMN will fight at the local, state, and federal level to ensure that all people have equal and affordable access to the internet and internet accessible technology. 
    • Saving the USPS- At the federal level, the US Postal Service is under attack, and it has been for years. ORMN will push our federal Representatives and Senators to take a stand on ensuring that one of the most successful and  beloved public services is funded and saved for generations to come. 
  • Getting us through this pandemic- ORMN is committed to advocating for Senator Bernie Sanders’ proposal that all people recieve $2,000 a month for the remainder of this pandemic, and we believe this should continue through the inevitable economic crisis that will follow. 

Additionally, at this time, ORMN calls for: 

  • The immediate release of all non-violent offenders from all local, state, and federal prisons. This will reduce the number of people in these prisons, and thereby ensure that the spread of COVID-19 is limited should it make its way into these facilities. This should also apply to those currently detained by ICE. ORMN calls on our state and national lawmakers to make certain adequate food, shelter, mental health treatment, and substance abuse treatment are lined up prior to releasing any prisoners.
  • The ORMN Board of Directors also calls for all payments on federal, state, and private student loans, credit card payments, house and auto loans, and rent to be suspended for the duration of this crisis. ORMN holds that no interest should be applied to these payments, and that no one shall be penalized after this crisis has passed should they have not made payments during this time. 
    • ORMN supports Ilhan Omar’s Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act of 2020 (H.R. 6515), and will pressure our Representatives and Senators to support this bill
  • ORMN calls for national mail in elections for this coming election in November. ORMN will pressure the state of Minnesota to have mail in elections for the upcoming Minnesota primary in August, as well as the general election in November. 

ORMN also calls for a Green Stimulus Package as outlined by the 5 Principles For Just COVID-19 Relief and Stimulus (